Information and bookings




We pick up the client within Roses where previously specified. We can also pick up at airports and train stations. Please ask for a quote without any obligation.

We offer transfers to any place in Spain and Europe, whether it is a train station, bus station or airport. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding trips, organized tours for small groups and transfers for companies’ employees.

Travel assistance

Our main goal is to be the fastest in picking up the customer and making the transfer in the safest and most responsible way. That is why we remain on call in our headquarters 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year

We belong to a partnership program, working with all the insurance companies doing road assistance in the whole Spain

At Taxis Roses, we are aware that we are the first contact during the most critical moments, accidents or breakdowns, etc.

Health insurance companies and insurance

We are part of a partnership program working with all the main insurance companies, courtesy and friendliness always being the number one quality of our drivers, who understand the importance and the seriousness of these situations the customer can be in.

We offer all kinds of transfers, doctor’s appointments, checkups, rehabilitations, hospital admissions and small emergencies.

Travel agencies

We offer different types of vehicles, depending on what the agency needs in order to be able to organize any type of journeys.

Transfers to airports, Girona Costa Brava airport or Barcelona airport, one-day trips, bachelor (ette) parties, one-day trip to the beach, soccer games, etc.

Urgent transportation

Urgent transportation for companies or individuals, particularly to the shipping companies.

We offer postal transportation for small packages, picking up and delivery of bank bags, distribution and urgent nocturnal package transportation.